Drum Teachers

Hugh Neilson
Guitar (Electric, Acoustic and Folk); Drums

Hugh is a life long lover/student/teacher of music and performance and observed that when he teaches - whether that be percussion, ukulele, guitar or improvisation  - he learns as much from his students as they do from him. In fact, his philosophy is that learning works best when teacher and student challenge each other.


Joerg has been an active and touring Musician in Canada and Europe for many decades.
Starting at a young age, Music became his love and balance in life.

His goal is to deliver a tight dynamic sound into the music and band,
by feeling the music while letting it flow back through his drumsticks onto his drum kit.

As a Teacher, Coach, and Mentor his philosophy is, that learning should be first and foremost fun, as the teacher also learns from his students.

He is adjusting to the level of ability from the students and ensuring each individual student is taking something home that will be, encouraging, challenging or simply fun.

In the late Eighties he started teaching in Germany while having an active carrier as a drummer.
After moving to Canada he established his work with various Bands, then got back to teaching, coaching and mentoring drummers, in private lessons and at Notre Dame High School in Carleton Place.

Joerg Braun

Photo by Reiner Herbolt