Wendy and Chris Whitaker
School Manager / Owner / Operator

Wendy Whitaker came from a family where music was a core part of family life.

My father instilled a love of playing for fun, jamming and musicals productions.  Following the death of my father, I came home with his banjo uke which I recall his playing all of my life and to his last days.  In memory of Dad, I came to George at Musicworks for lessons, this became a part time job and evolved into a passion.

When George decided to step away from the music business to focus on his own music and teaching, I was thrilled to step up and continue the wonderful music school and store in our amazing town of Almonte.

Chris, is my perfect match by bringing business skills, handyman savy and the voice of reason to match my enthusiasm.  We look forward to providing a high quality of instruction for our students from remarkable teachers as well as making connections with the community and encouraging trans-generational and group music endeavors.

George Turcotte

Self taught multi-instrumentalist George Turcotte acquired his musical foundation on drums and guitar, the former he started dabbling in at age 9, the latter he jumped in with gusto at the age of 17. He was gigging professionally on the instrument a short two years later, and unlike many self taught guitarists, included in-depth studies of musical theory as well as building a repertoire of chops. These early years he was inspired largely by the blues (notably Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan & Robert Johnson) and especially Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits. Ry Cooder led him to mandolin in his twenties and Greg Keelor and Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo inspired him to follow his most passionate musical journey, learning the art of songwriting.  

He currently has three albums under his belt and is in the studio building his best yet, a collection of songs written on the banjo. During this time he has added bass, Dobro and ukulele to the list of instruments he is proficient on.