Voice Teachers

Danah-Lee Krieger
Voice and Piano (RCM Qualified)

Growing up in the Ottawa Valley, Danah-Lee studied music and excelled in musical theory. But the groundwork for her knowledge began at a very young age, when she would literally steal the music out of the trash after Sunday morning church services.  At the time, she was determined to learn the complexities of chords, vibrations, and sounds; wanting to know how each sound flowed together in different forms to create music. Since then, Danah-Lee has learned how to use her knowledge and voice freely and has developed a framework for creating music to express what is happening internally. 

Danah-Lee has a passion for the intricacies of the voice.  She has a distinct gift for encouraging her students to unlock their deepest capacities and tailors lesson times to each student, making sure that each individual goal and passion can be attained… no matter what age!

Danah-Lee studied music at the former Taylor University College in Edmonton, Canada.  Along with being an active touring musician, she has been teaching music, holding workshops and music camps for the last decade and is a lover of orange cats!

Paula Rich-McGowan

I have been singing and teaching professionally for over 30 years now.  I have been fortunate enough to have performed in productions across Canada in many lead roles in venues including Massey Hall in Toronto and The National Arts Centre in Ottawa as well as major hotels and casinos.  I have developed and performed tributes to the likes of Adele, ABBA and Shania Twain and the Andrew Sisters, in addition to working in dozens of contemporary Pop Groups, Rock Groups and Jazz Ensembles (Ottawa Jazz Festival). 
I have had lead roles in various theatre productions including one musical alongside Ryan Gosling!
My professional path also includes singing on dozens of radio jingles as well as personal recording projects and a song for the Princess of Holland!

Despite my many years of performing, my true passion is teaching.  I adore meeting so many great, talented people of all ages and exploring music together.

First and foremost my lessons are about having fun always!!!! You will learn to develop your voice in a comfortable, relaxed environment.  My approach to teaching is a balance of fundamentals/technique and repertoire/songs.  I tailor each lesson to each individual student’s needs in order for them to reach their own individual goals and gain true confidence in themselves! It’s all about continuing to discover our voices and music together and reaching our fullest musical potential!.